Syndicated Research

Staying informed of trends and opportunities in any industry is an ongoing and time consuming process, but it is essential to measure the effectiveness of an organizations brand, build competitive intelligence, and create sustainable and revenue-generating business strategies. iGATE Research leverages its industry expertise and experience to determine the subject and scope of the study, and offers its results and analysis to multiple clients. iGATE Research is committed to providing accurate, up to date latest market information on various industry. Our syndicated research services provides global market intelligence across a range of industries including Healthcare, Life Sciences, Travel and Tourism, FMCG, Retail, IT, Telecom, Consumer Retailing among others.


iGATE Research team of industry experts systemically gathers the information about and analysis of the factors that influence an industry: emerging trends, customer behavior, brand positioning, product usage, etc. iGATE Research syndicated reports are an invaluable tool for Companies looking for a range of business initiatives, product testing, Market entry, business opportunity, competitive assessment, etc which helps them in making better Business decisions.